Current project

My main research theme right now is data centres: their local arrangement, material legacies, building procedures, and global production networks enabling its operation. The reseach is conducted in the collaborative research centre 1567 Virtual Life Worlds, in subproject A02 lead by Estrid Sørensen.

Interspecies care

More-than-human research in the aftermath of the Corona crisis.

My focus

My research focus lies on the material politics of socio-ecological transitions. I study global recycling networks, energy transitions and sustainability measures. My background is in sociology, and I published widely on relational approaches in Science and Technology Studies, on economic sociology, digital methods, and interdisciplinary discussions in waste, energy and valuation studies as well as consumer issues, for example through the lens of human-animal relations.


My central methodological competence is ethnographic, participatory research.


From Data Science to Graph Analysis.


I am a board member of stsing and contact person of their tech & infrastructure working group.

E-waste dissertation

Global and interdisciplinary research on e-waste.

Waste network

I am part of the steering group of the research group waste in motion funded by the German Research Foundation. With Nicolas Schlitz I’ve co-edited a Special Issue on frictions in global recycling networks.


I enjoy writing and speaking about my research fields in non-scientific contexts.

Network valuation studies

I am part of the research group On the path to the valuation society? funded by the German Research Foundation. We’ve been meeting for several years and are preparing a handbook on Valuation and Society (Routledge). With Emma Greeson and Olli Pyyhtinen, I’ve co-edited a Special Issue on ‘Dis/Assembling Value’.


Based on my (now concluded) work in the collaborative research centre in Siegen I contribute to the discussion on mobility transitions.