Interspecies care

More-than-human research in the aftermath of the Corona crisis.

My focus

I study the material politics of global recycling networks, energy transitions and sustainability measures. My background is in sociology, and I published widely on relational approaches like actor-network theory, on economic sociology, digital methods, and interdisciplinary discussions in waste, energy and valuation studies.


My central methodological competence.


From Data Science to Graph Analysis.


I am a board member of stsing and contact person of their tech & infrastructure working group.


Global and interdisciplinary research on e-waste.

Waste network

I am part of the steering group of the research group waste in motion funded by the German Research Foundation. With Nicolas Schlitz I’ve co-edited a Special Issue on frictions in global recycling networks.


I enjoy writing and speaking about my research fields in non-scientific contexts.

Network valuation studies

I am part of the research group On the path to the valuation society? funded by the German Research Foundation. We’ve been meeting for several years and are preparing a handbook on Valuation and Society (Routledge). With Emma Greeson and Olli Pyyhtinen, I’ve co-edited a Special Issue on ‘Dis/Assembling Value’.


Based on my (now concluded) work in the collaborative research centre in Siegen I contribute to the discussion on mobility transitions.