This is a blog, crossposting all input to the Fediverse (Mastodon and Pixelfed), Bluesky, and LinkedIn. And it is my archive plus portfolio website. I embrace the POSSE mode of blogging. Publish (on your) Own Site, Syndicate Everywhere.

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I’m an academic with a PhD in Sociology, so here is an argument.

In interdisciplinary research, we have merely begun penetrating the materiality of the social, the flows, attachments, addictions, discards. My research focus lies on the material politics of socio-ecological transitions, and I have experience in studying global recycling networks, energy transitions and sustainability measures.

My background is in sociology, and I published widely on relational approaches in Science and Technology Studies, on economic sociology, digital methods, and interdisciplinary discussions in waste, energy and valuation studies as well as consumer issues, for example through the lens of human-animal relations.


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Material Politics of Green Economies

I like to discuss empirical case studies closely entangled with social theory and methodology. I examine the socio-ecological transformation from different directions, i.e. through multiple case studies. Materialities of transformations are at the centre of my focus.

This website is an example of a (minimal) intervention into material politics: plugging into the low-carbon setup of Hugo and deploying my contributions across social media with a careful selection. Here, I try to push Hugo to be as efficient and leight-weight as possible while owning my archive.

In general, my goal is to conduct sustainable and careful research and to cultivate a different kind of science. This includes both reflecting on the planetary impact of one’s research and valuing open and free methods and forms of publication. My work appears primarily, though not exclusively, in open publications, such as Science & Technology Studies, Valuation Studies, the Austrian Journal of Development Policy, ephemera, and Cultural Studies Review.


  • Material politics of energy transitions and sustainability measures
  • STS and relational approaches like actor-network theory
  • Economic sociology
  • Digital methods
  • Waste, energy, and valuation studies
  • Ethnography and qualitative social science research methods


  • Since 2024: EASST Review Editorial Board
  • 2021-21: Elected Board Member: stsing e.V. Doing STS in and through Germany. Access Point of the working group “Tech and Infrastructure“
  • Member of the DFG Research Network: “Valuation Studies: On the Way to the Evaluation Society?”
  • Co-organisation of a DFG research network. “Waste in motion: Mobilisations of waste and pollutants as a sociomaterial configurations”
  • Member of the RUSTlab in Bochum
  • Member of GWTF – Society for Science and Technology Research
  • Member of the German Society for Sociology and the sections: Economic Sociology, Social Theory
  • Member of the European Association for the Study of Science and Technology (EASST)
  • Member of the “Platform for Experimental, Collaborative Ethnography” (PECE), with contributions to “The Astma Files” and “Disaster STS”

For more details: the CV.