The #Taiwan election finishes with a call for stability, in a way.

    “It may be that the DPP managed to retain power because it is still viewed as the party that defends Taiwanese sovereignty, with backlash against its inability to resolve socioeconomic inequality in Taiwan still not managing to oust it from the presidency.” It comes at a cost, as outlined by of New Bloom magazine. Kicking out youth progressives.…


    Comparing Fediverse software for hosting: Ease of use, efficiency, waste

    Here’s a blog post on #hosting a microblogging instance on the #Fediverse with ecological concerns in mind. It’s a longer one. And unfinished, since it’s messy tinkering in progress, not least due to my #Vietnam routing. 👇 Following our Mastodon article, I am exploring options to host a Fediverse instance with a Raspberry Pi and solar power, testing limits. The goal is to host one or multiple bots and report on data.

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    Patchy value chains

    With this post, I want to bring a color to the blog, show how I experience my daily life as a researcher in Vietnam, and how I follow material infrastructures. It’s going on in bits and pieces, and some is a patchwork. Last not least, this is also a means of sharing links and snapshots. Bits & Trees of Data Centres What does it actually mean to trace and traverse the infrastructure and production networks of a very specific building?

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    Social sciences, ecology and careful digital communication

    How can social science research address planetary concerns and be designed carefully? Two recent articles in Science & Technology Studies address this question with a view to different cases: Conference Mobility on the one hand and Decentralized Social Media on the other. Jumping on the bandwagon In Fieldnotes on FlyingLess Conferencing we discuss our different experiences as train travelers to the EASST conference in Madrid. Some of them were long journeys through Europe, including stops.

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