For me, this time between Xmas and YNE has been one of redesigning and optimising websites. Personal and community sites. Hugo and WordPress.

    It is a semi-appreciated task, but I’ve been nerding out a little and I like the hands-on challenges of the web. πŸ‘Ύ

    #academicchatter #sts #webdesign

    Winter is tough in Asia, our Air Quality Index regularly cracks the 300 mark. Top 3 world-wide for #Hanoi. How do you even grasp the consequences?

    We have a remarkably privileged apartment and put a lot of effort into sealing and air purification. It creeps in quickly nonetheless. And a decade of coal expansion lies in front of residents here, and to the north, and to the West.

    #airpollution #climate

    AQICN map of northern central Hanoi. You see pins with Air Quality numbers and corresponding alarm colours. It's between 200 and in some places going well beyond 300. Purple and brown. Very unhealthy and hazardous.

    Charging the house. Pending.

    #photography #Vietnam #Hanoi

    Façade in Hanoi, an old white house with lots of greenery. Blue sky. In the front, however, is a large electrical construction. Perhaps disconnected

    Our toddler loves the word for #waste (or “Boe”, as he calls it??), and the appropriate things quickly have to go into the bin. It’s something. Marvelous.


    Little does he know about the fallacies of modern consumer “disposability” ideologies and improper accountability of producing companies, let alone the academic misconceptions of the notion of matter out of place and how it creeps up into our understanding of global recycling relations and the appropriation of land.

    Caring for European Science & Technology Studies: EASST review 42(2) is out! #STS reports, postdoc life, decolonisation, extractivism, pollution, and a tribute to Evelyn Fox Keller.

    From now on I am part of the editorial board.😊…

    A screenshot from the videoperformance Microbimpro, which handles improvisation, gut feelings and microbes dancing. Two screenshots, left and right, lots of yellow and brown. Plenty of round entities. Author: Oona Leinovirtanen

    Mapping controversies around #semiconductor production in #Vietnam. Live project; a fantastic collaboration with the team of Hanoi Ad Hoc. More about this during a workshop in March.

    Check out Hanoi Ad Hoc, because it’s marvellously inspiring. Trung rocks.

    #tech #sts

    Maps on a table, printed and on a laptop. It's an aerial view of East Hanoi-ish. Some buildings are yellow. In the background, you see the actual Hanoi from above through a window

    My dear friends from RUSTlab commented on my lecture. A delight!

    Stefan suggested the notion of stand-in to understand not only workers and nature, but also natural and technical reserves that sustain capitalism … Stand-ins are components in planning and creating futures; they make up an awaiting potential – a virtuality – that is needed for capitalist futures.…

    #sts #capital

    Comparing Fediverse software for hosting: Ease of use, efficiency, waste

    Here’s a blog post on #hosting a microblogging instance on the #Fediverse with ecological concerns in mind. It’s a longer one. And unfinished, since it’s messy tinkering in progress, not least due to my #Vietnam routing. πŸ‘‡ Following our Mastodon article, I am exploring options to host a Fediverse instance with a Raspberry Pi and solar power, testing limits. The goal is to host one or multiple bots and report on data.

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    Nights out in #Hanoi, lights not out. West Lake.

    #Vietnam #photography

    Evening photo of a lake-side bar with empt sport utility in the fronty

    SNAP, why did The Verge publish this masterpiece on the end of #twitter?

    I’m just lmao about Gwen Stefani spelling bananas in the spelling bee competition, and other nonsense!

    What an archive…


    Why do critical thinkers on a very solid payroll put their blogs behind a corporate paywall? Looking at you, Bill McKibben, Adam Tooze, and others.

    Maybe it’s the design and ease of networking. But I find this questionable. And annoying.

    #substack #blogging #publishing

    #Dubai is where feudal capitalism thrives: built on oil and gas capital, maintained by monopolists and clerks, growing through construction and real estate investment by lazy rentiers. Then there are the expats and tourists who believe in upgrading through affiliation, many embracing fitness and plastic surgery. But you cannot climb into the ranks of the kings. Everyone speeds up though, driving up the energy demand in the name of hope. More is never enough. That’s the home of #COP28.

    Up next, responsible yachting.

    #COP28 Green Zone in a nutshell. πŸ€·πŸ»β€β™‚οΈ

    Photo of a panel during the climate conference. It announces the upcoming panel on yachting. It's placed in the heat of the day

    Perhaps due to widespread concerns around the issue of women aging out of factory work, Samsung itself offers its workers training courses that could help them become professional makeup artists, hairdressers, and manicurists.

    A splendid text by Rest of the World’s Lam Le, who is an inspiring journalist in various ways. This text shows how factories spawn a peculiar environment. New IT realities.…

    #Samsung #IT #Hanoi #Vietnam #beauty #journalism #globalvaluechains #sts

    Image from the article: you see a street busy with ads in Vietnamese. The original text: The streets around the Samsung complex in Bac Ninh are lined with salons offering beautician courses.

    Hi folks, I’m onto something. The Sheikh #capitalism of drilling 4,000m deep to tickle dinosaur remains and pump them into 700m high concrete and glass structures and Manchester City F.C. is perhaps not the most sustainable. But more studies are required.

    Follow my substack.

    #Dubai #COP28

    #Dubai is as an offensively clean city. Not only for #COP28. It’s officials are putting matters into place.

    Tilting the perspective with a few shots of infrastructures doing the heavy lifting.

    The threatening margins?, as Mary Douglas and Michael Thompson would have put it. #wastestudies #sts

    Photo in front of a Dubai metro station. The pavements. Cards advertising massage salons with half-naked women on the cover, with an Indian/Pakistani/Bangladeshi focus, i.e., targeting a large labour force.

    Arrived in UAE.

    Is anyone in concrete town #Dubai for #COP28? Keen on talking #sts, semiconductors, data centres, e-waste.

    100 min. delay, I’m in the Deutsche Bahn game, again.

    Obsolescence instead of transformation, as I’ve phrased it. There will be no green transformation of mobility in Germany if there’s no recognition of the complexities of obsolescence. Maintenance is a daily task to attend to and invest in. Or not. πŸ€·πŸ»β€β™‚οΈ…

    #db #mobilitΓ€t #bahn #train #infrastructure #ecology

    Thinking like a waste scholar

    Waste is on top of my mind, although not always centre stage in every research project. I was part of the initial steering group and now am a member of the research group waste in motion funded by the German Research Foundation. With Nicolas Schlitz I’ve co-edited a Special Issue on frictions in global recycling networks. On a global scale, I am cooperating with the Disaster STS network and the European waste research group behind ‘Opening the Bin’.

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    Subsurface surfing. With the help of the maintenance staff, we went underground, following the maintenance track that connects all buildings on our Ruhr campus.

    In total, it’s more than 8 km, we walked 2.5 km, from the uni datacentre to our faculty building.

    #sts #infrastructure #it #photography

    Picture of cables well organised on the path to eternity, in a grey concrete surrounding. It'd a long barrow path, pipes to the left, cables to the right. Boring and exciting at the same time. A ladder teaching upwards. Again, dark, grey, concrete, deadA man walks along a narrow concrete path. He wears blue maintenance staff clothing. He walks quickly. You see the concrete wall on the right with red paint fainting. Eerie

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