While working on a comment re: chips in Asia-Pacific, this image from a “semiconductor summit” haunts me.

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New alt text by ChatGPT. The machine is as baffled as I was. - The setting is a large hall with a stage bathed in a cool, blue light that gives it a futuristic ambiance. A group of individuals, mostly men dressed in business attire, are lined up on stage, with one woman in a white dress standing out, perhaps acting as the event's host or speaker. They are standing in front of a visually striking backdrop that features an elaborate design, possibly evoking the theme of technology or innovation, suggested by patterns that resemble integrated circuits or digital networks. In the foreground, the audience can be seen from behind, suggesting their engagement and attention toward the stage. The event appears to be of a formal and business nature, with a focus on technology or industry, implied by the professional attire of the participants and the technical motif of the stage design. The mood is one of anticipation or culmination, as if a significant announcement or celebration is taking place.