Today, I met folks in a 27 story Hanoi building. This is a bit of b/w #streetphotography to arrive.

I play with my new gift, a used Fuji X-T30 with the 18-55 kit lens. Not that I understand yet what the metrics imply. But it’s fun and helps me appreciate subjects and texture.

#photography #vietnam

A man in a suit carrying a business bag walks quickly out of frame, the way to an underground parking lot in the back A row of parked motorbikes, with chalk notes on the seat. That's how vehicles are marked, although it's more common to write on the dashboard How to click a picture of high concrete and glass building in grey, smoggy conditions? Change perspective, like here, where I look from under an outside bench and through a bush, with the rising building looming in the background. It's not true back and white like the other images, because the air pollution did an ok job at greying out already