The energy sending them afar is here. And it’s not. People see the burning. But they cannot fathom the coal plants, close, far.

How many particles can power plants send travelling? How can you know? You.

#photography #airpollution #vietnam

The west Lake in Hanoi in the afternoon. There's construction in the lake thus a bit of sand floating around. Most strikingly, it's foggy. A lot. Just a grey sight. There's a rusty pole on the left, because rust gives a nice aura The view of the red river (and delta) from the highway bridge. Again, foggy. Sky and water merge. There's a boat floating, carrying sand of sorts Close to the lake, someone burns residual plant waste. You see the smoke rising. This is actually a waste reserve pumped empty for construction. Anyways, burning is forbidden but no one implements that kind of regulation. It's a nuisance but not the core reason.