Food for thought. Lame but 🤷🏻‍♂️.

#Malaysia—a food paradise. Love the streets.

Before our lunar new year visit, I read about the country and how it outplayed #Vietnam re chips. The infrastructure: on another level. The poverty: not so much?


Food from every corner, and beer vendors in the middle. A colourful local market with lots of people sitting around many small tables. Rather simple setup, bright lights, a few red new year lanterns hanging from the roof There's even a Vietnamese pho place, beef scoop, what else. (Only a handful of the 20 shops have veg options). This image is shot through a chair that works as a frameMobile phone repair shop in front of a socialist housing high rise, with a large Apple logo on the front Social housing, I suppose, a yellow high building with 20-something stories, a few ACs and TV antennas attached. Not in good shape